Effective partnerships and productive working links are at the heart of excellent results, successful team performance, project delivery and service provision.

As independent facilitators, we at Mobius UK are driven by the pursuit of excellent results for organisations and for people. Where collaboration and commitment to success is required within or between organisations, we work as partners with you to fully engage the relevant stakeholders in focused and productive dialogue.

We actively demonstrate how great results can come from the experiences, talents and expectations of these stakeholders and from working with you to make the best use of the differences, interests, expertise and energies they bring.

We do this through skilled and structured facilitation that builds shared understanding; the platform for creative ways forward and widespread commitment to sustainable results.

Mobius UK have an excellent track record working across a range of different settings. Our work in the public sector is based on long standing and productive links with Government Departments across England, Wales and Scotland and over 50% of local authorities and Health Service Trusts. At local levels we have been instrumental in the development of effective strategic partnerships and boards, the creation of powerful local strategies (many of which include the views of local citizens’ groups) and more effective team working.