The Mobius Model™ provides a structure for focused dialogue leading to productive results for organisations.

• Mutual Understanding exists when people understand each other and feel understood. This is not the same as agreement as we can understand others without agreeing with them.

• Possibility exists when everyone recognises that something desirable can be created from the common ground of mutual understanding.

• Commitment exists when there is agreement to priorities among goals and values to guide action.

• Capability exists when there is agreement about ways to realise shared commitments.

• Responsibility exists when there is agreement about expectations for fulfilling commitments.

• Acknowledgment exists when there is mutual understanding about what is now present and what is still missing for shared commitments to be fully realised.

Through skilled facilitation, the Mobius team use the model to support organisations toward excellent results.

N.B. When these elements are not in place, organisations can find themselves working in ways that they often refer to as a ‘blame culture’.

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